Everything about Elite Stripe Bumper Plates


Everything about Elite Stripe Bumper Plates

AtomicMass Strength Equipment in Brisbane brings you the best in elite striped coloured bumper plates. Each plate is made with black virgin rubber and finished off to perfection with coloured stripes, logos and weight markings. Our plates are high quality and provide the ultimate in performance and looks. These plates are fully compatible with our entire range of barbells. Suitable for both home and commercial gyms, our elite striped bumper plates come in pairs in a range of weights and ship Australia-wide.

AtomicMass elite striped bumper plates are one of the best-looking plates on the market. Every plate is black coloured virgin rubber with coloured stripe, logo and weight markings.
Each one is finished off to perfection and are of the highest construction providing the ultimate in performance and looks.

The set consists of 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg plates. 10 kg plate is 36mm thick, it is made of black virgin rubber with green outer stripe and green 10 kg weight markings. Next is 15 kg plate, which is 42 mm thick black virgin rubber plate with yellow outer stripe and yellow 15 kg weight markings. 20 kg plate is 54mm thick black virgin rubber plate with blue outer stripe and blue 20kg weight markings and then last but definitely not least 25 kg plate that is 67mm thick black virgin rubber plate with red outer stripe and red 25 kg weight markings. Bumper plate diameter is 450 mm with centre disc constructed of zinc coated steel and raised lip around circumference. 6 x 10mm socket heads and nylock nuts hold the centre discs securely tight. This AtomicMass Elite Striped Bumper Plates Set is suitable for just about anywhere you just name it whether it be any commercial, studio or home gym.

The quality of the products specifically the bumper plates is what sets AtomicMass apart from its competition. The pieces are all of high construction, very effective and highly durable! Get your set now and you won’t regret it!