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1. What is Casimages ?

Since 2005, Casimages provides free image hosting for people who want to share images on the internet.
Actually, we host more than 25'000'000' images.

2. How many images can i upload ?

You can upload (and create album) up to 50 images (10 MB per image) at once.
If you want to upload more than 50 images, you have to proceed a new upload session

3. How long do you keep the images?

Depending on the needs. By default, an image is hosted for 3 months. If we need free space, inactive images ( = 0 view in 3 months ) can be deleted.

4. Can anybody view my images ?

No. Only you and people who received your share links can view your image.

5. Which file types are allowed?

We only accept .gif .jpg . jpeg .png for the moment.

6. Can I upload everything I want ?

No. You must accept the Terms of Service.

7. Can I delete an image ?

Yes. Go to Request Deletion link page and fill in the form.

8. Upload doesn't work, why ?

Maybe you have an old browser that doesn't support our website functionnalities. Please, upgrade your browser ( example : for internet explorer go to : upgrade your browser )
Maybe you can try basic mode to upload. Go to basic mode
We invite you to use a browser (up to date!) that supports all of our functionnalities, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

9. How do I report a violation of the Terms of Service ?

Visit the Report Abuse or Request Deletion page and paste the location of the files that you would like to be removed.